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Turn what you know into a million-dollar business.  

Join students who turned their skills into side hustles or their own businesses. The exact playbook Javi used to go from $5k consulting gigs to generate $1,000,000+ in income. 

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What will this course teach you?


Your Foundation

Go-To-Market & Distribution

  • Identify what you're outstanding at or better yet; your professional superpower.
  • Define the foundation for your business.
  • Build your strategy with your Ideal Customer Profile and Buyer Persona in mind. 
  • Understand the 3 powers of niche that companies will pay for...

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Your Perceived Value


  • Identify what are the most effective way to market your offer.
  • Find differentiation through authenticity

  • Learn critical execution strategies to get in front of the right buyers...

  • Focus on positioning your expertise through the right channels…

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Your Income


  • Learn why you're likely leaving money on the table...
  • Price your services right...
  • Help buyers always see value in what you bring…
  • Learn the right pricing structure which will yield clients the best outcome...
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Your Paperwork


  • Learn how to build contracts that solve for mutually beneficial outcomes...

  • Use certain clauses to upsell more services...

  • Establish professional boundaries...
  • Learn how to negotiate on your own service offering...

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Your Operating


  • Learn what systems will work on your behalf
  • Review systems Javi uses to run his own business.
  • Get an example of a Fractional Profit & Loss spreadsheet & use it to win more
  • Solve for scale and maximum profits...
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What People Are Saying

Alexander Ronzino

This course is well-produced and easy to navigate. The concepts are clear, and the delivery is easy to understand. The breadth of subjects covered provides the right tools for anyone to start doing consulting and/or fractional work.

Regina Lara Cuti

It's been 2 years that I've been working as an external consultant and in August I was thinking about doing it full-time. The content Javi is doing helped me to: publish content that impacts my ICP and builds authority, build a system to have leads while I'm working with my clients, and make sure I can grow these numbers. Thanks, Javi!


Shane Jamison

This playbook is a foolproof way to take your skills, productize them, market yourself, and create your own business doing what you love. Easily the best playbook I've purchased for an incredible price.


Oscar Fernandez

Talk about ROI. For $150, this course shares business essentials in a very focused and straightforward way. So impactful and so helpful! 


 CH James

Invaluable business guidance not just for folks trying to do Fractional work but business in general. Every professional should get this it's totally worth it!


Amber Deibert

I can't believe I got Javi's incredible experience for only $150. This is a must for anyone trying to do a side hustle, consulting, freelancing, or real Fractional Work.

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Unlock The Fractional Operating System Today


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